4 Must-Have Items for Every Bike Ride

4 Must-Have Items for Every Bike Ride

Preparing for a bike ride involves more than just checking the weather. Unexpected things, like flat tyres or mechanical glitches, can quickly change your journey. That's why having the right tools at your disposal is crucial. Here are 4 things you should have with you on a bike ride.


1. Inner Tube

An inner tube is essential; having one with you can save you from trouble if you get a flat tyre. It is fundamental to choose an inner tube that matches the diameter and width of your bike's tyre.

Another thing to remember when selecting an inner tube is the valve type. To know how to choose your inner tube correctly, click here.


2. Pair of Tyre Levers

A pair of tyre levers is a tool for removing and installing a tyre. They typically consist of a flat, spoon-shaped blade made of durable plastic or metal, with a curved or hooked end to engage with the tyre bead.


Start by inserting the edge of one tyre lever between the tyre bead—the tyre's edge that sits inside the rim—and the rim edge itself. Use the lever to pry the tyre bead away from the rim, effectively popping it off the rim edge. Following this initial separation, push or slide the lever along the rim's edge, which pulls one side of the tyre off the rim.


 When the tyre is tight or challenging to remove, the second lever comes into play. Insert it at a different point along the rim, using it to slide around and continue the removal process. Often, one lever is left in place to hold the tyre away from the rim, while the other is used to progress the removal around the entire rim.


When reinstalling a tyre onto the rim, start by fitting one edge of the tyre onto the rim first. Then, add a small amount of air to the tube so it takes shape, which makes the next steps easier. Following this, insert the valve into the rim's valve hole and place the tube inside the tyre. 


After the tube is properly positioned, carefully work the other side of the tyre edge over the rim to fully enclose the tube within the tyre. This part of the process should ideally be performed without the use of tyre levers to avoid damaging the tube.


If the tyre feels tight and you find it necessary to use tyre levers, proceed with extreme caution to prevent pinching and potentially puncturing the new tube. Pinching the tube is a common mistake and can easily happen if not careful, especially when using tools like tyre levers during the final steps of installation.


3. A mini pump or a CO2 cartridge

After changing the inner tube due to a flat tyre, reinflating the tyre is crucial to returning to the road.


For this, there are two options.


The first one is a mini pump. A mini pump is a convenient accessory that can be easily attached to your bike and used as needed. 


The second option is a CO2 cartridge, which provides a faster solution, handy during races or time-sensitive events. However, it's important to note that CO2 cartridges are single-use and require replacement after each use, contributing to waste and additional costs. 


While a CO2 inflator offers speed, a traditional bicycle pump remains a versatile and sustainable choice for everyday rides, providing reliability and peace of mind.


4. Multi-tool

A multi-tool can again be a saver from a possible mechanical problem you face when hitting the road.


Carrying a multi-tool eliminates the need to take a bulky toolkit or individual tools. The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in a saddlebag.


Carrying a multi-tool can also be helpful to help fellow cyclists in need. Being able to lend a tool or provide assistance can foster a sense of camaraderie within the cycling community and contribute to a positive cycling experience for everyone.



In summary, ensuring you have these four essential items—an inner tube, tyre lever, pump, and multi-tool—can enhance your cycling experience and prepare you for unexpected road challenges. 


So, before you embark on your next cycling adventure, remember to pack these essentials and ride confidently, knowing you're well-equipped to handle whatever comes your way.


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