Cycle To Work Scheme


The Cycle to work scheme is an incentive for you to get out on your bike. It is a scheme that allows you to save up to 49% on your next bike purchase. The best way to look at it is; Think of the money you spend on your bike to work scheme and take this off your gross pay. Your employer is taxing you on less money, and you are getting taxed on less money. (We are simplifying a lot of this here, but trust us! We’re the bike experts) 

The Cycle to Work scheme does not allow for buying second hand bikes.


You must be in employment to avail of the scheme. It is best to ask your employer if they support the scheme, most companies do, but just ask to be sure. 

See Our Bikes!


We try our absolute best to give you the most enjoyable experience a bike shop can offer.  We have shortened our bike to work scheme into just 4 steps. Take a look and get in touch if you wish to avail of the scheme! 

Step 1:


Find the bike that you want! It sounds easy, but we know this can be difficult. Before you start reading the rest of this page, head over to our blog, where we walk you through The three main questions that we ask our customers when they are buying a bike


Step 2:


Once you have your bike picked out we hold it for you, while the cycle to work scheme is processed by your employer. To hold the bike, you will need to leave a 50 euro security deposit. This is, of course, fully refundable if you chose not to go with the bike. The 50 euros can be paid online, in store or, over the phone. Once the 50 euro deposit is collected, we will send an invoice directly to you via email. This invoice is what you need to submit to your employer. 


Step 3:


While your employer processes your payment for the scheme, we will begin getting the bike ready here in store, and get any accessories fitted to the bike that you wish. Keep in mind, you can only do the cycle to work scheme every 4 years, so it might be worth using up the full scheme and grabbing as many accessories as you want. Almost everything we sell is on our website. So be sure to search around to find the accessories that you want. 

Step 4: 


Go cycling! - Once we receive full payment for all goods, you are welcome to come and collect the bike. We also offer nationwide, free delivery of all bikes. You also get a year's subscription to our workshop, where you have one year of free labour charges. 


It is really easy to do the Cycle to work scheme, and we are always happy to guide you through the process. You can call us, or send us an email and one of our Sales Experts can give you all the information that you need. 


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