Bike Finance



We are working together with SME Finance & Leasing Solutions DAC (An Irish lending company based at Clashcollaire, Callan, Co Kilkenny) to provide our customers with bike financing options.


Bike finance


The bike or bike accessories finance process is very fast and you can get approval within 24 hours with minimal paperwork.

Fund 100% of Purchase Cost 
Finance amounts range from €1,000 upward.

Finance cost per thousand euro:

  • €1,000 financed over 12 months € 117.56
  • €1,000 financed over 24 months € 192.32
  • €1,000 financed over 36 months € 244.52
There is a standard application fee of €75 euro at the start and end of the lease and a €4 Direct Debit monthly charge on the lease.

All you need to do is complete the application form and you can get approved within 24 hours:

Application Form Here

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