Finish Line Finish Line eBike Chain Lube 120ml 4oz Single

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A chain lubricant that has been specifically formulated to last longer with the higher levels of torque applied to the chains of eBikes. Read more
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Finish Line
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eBikes place high demands on their drivetrains that differentiate them from standard bicycles. To meet these needs and the needs of eBike riders, Finish Line has developed an eBike specific lubricant. Using the latest lubrication technology and following eBike manufacturer specifications, Finish Line has developed a unique lubricant to keep eBikes running like new.

Finish Line eBike Chain Lube is formulated specifically for lubricating electric assist drivetrains that are subject to particularly high pressure and torque. Most mid-drive eBike systems will add up to an additional 250 Watts to the riders input, and some performance models can add up to 350 Watts. This consistent, high power means that chains experience much higher rates of wear. While developing our eBike Chain Lube Our goal was to create a lubricant that could not only stand up to the high torque associated with electric assist drivetrains, but which also provided long lubrication intervals, would shed dirt, prevent premature wear, and provide superior protection against rust and corrosion. With a semi-dry formulation, and our proprietary blend of high pressure and corrosion inhibiting additives, Finish Lines eBike Chain Lube delivers on all fronts.


  • Formulated specifically for lubricating electric assist chains that are subject to high pressure
  • Engineered to withstand the high torque associated with electric assist drive trains
  • A light wet lube that provides long lubrication intervals, while preventing premature wear, providing superior protection against rust and corrosion



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