Kids Bikes 14-inch

To help your child start cycling:

  1. Size Matters: Choose a bike that fits them well.
  2. Safety Gear: Always wear a helmet and necessary gear.
  3. Open Space: Begin in a flat, open area.
  4. Striding First: Start by striding and balancing.
  5. Glide and Coast: Progress to gliding with feet up.
  6. Pedals On: Reattach pedals when ready.
  7. Pedal and Steer: Learn to pedal and steer together.
  8. Positive Encouragement: Praise their efforts and progress.
  9. Practice Regularly: Consistent short sessions make a difference.
  10. Patience and Fun: Enjoy the journey and be patient.

Soon, they'll be cycling confidently!

Woom Bikes Woom 2 | 14-Inch Kids Bike | Age 3 - 4.5 Years | Height 95 - 110 Cm (3.1 - 3.6")

Experience innovation with our ultralight 14" children's bike – perfect for kids aged 3 and up, ideal for all-round use. Take it for a test ride in our bike dublin bike shop.

Ridgeback Ridgeback Mx14 Kids Bike From 2 Years 14W Red

The ridgeback mx14 is a lightweight bike with a rugged aluminium frame making it easier for little ones to handle while still being tough.

Raleigh Raleigh Pop Kids Bike From 2 Years 14W Orange

If you have a little one eager for their first set of wheels but still mastering balance, the raleigh pop 14 is the perfect ride to set them on their cycling journey.

Available To Order
Ridgeback Ridgeback Honey Kids Bike from 2 years 14w Pink

The Ridgeback Honey 14 is the perfect bike for young riders, designed with safety, ease, and fun in mind.

Available To Order
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