BMX Bikes

A BMX bike is an off-road sport bicycle used for racing and stunt riding. BMX means bicycle motocross.

The sport has two distinct genres – racing and freestyle. Racing is where it all began as far as BMX is concerned, while freestyle evolved as a new breed of riders started specialising in tricks and bike handling as opposed to banging bars at the race track. 

Although the two styles differ in style and, often, looks, theyʼre by no means juxtaposed and can both offer great all-round fun.

Blank Ammo BMX Bike 2021 Black 20w

The Ammo is the perfect starter bike. For anyone wanting to get into BMX. Fully sealed rear hub, 4130 Chro-moly 3pc crankset and super fat 20" x 2.4" tyres. Best bike shop in Dublin.

Blank Tyro BMX Bike 2021 Steel Grey 20w

The Tyro is Blanks first full size 20" BMX in the range. Great value for money it comes with 25/9 gearing, 8.75" handlebars and fat 2.3" tyres. Best bikes in Dublin.

Blank Hustla BMX Bike 2021 Silver 18w

The Buddy's big Brother! The Hustla is perfect if your not quite ready for a 20". New for 2021 is a lighter slimmed down frame and a lighter 28 spoke wheel set. Best bikes in Dublin.

Blank Diablo BMX Bike 2021 Nickel Silver 20w

Blank's flagship, the Diablo! As well as Devilish good looks it Features FULL 4130 Chromoly frame, handlebars and forks. Fully sealed components, oversized 40mm 'Compound XL' Rims and 2.4" Tyres. Now with mega 9.5" 2pc bars! Best bikes in Dublin.