Bike 7 is all about bike maintenance products. Their products are widely used in professional bike workshops. They have all you need for your bike maintenance and cleaning: chain lubes, wax, anti-seize grease, cleaners, and polishers. If you love your bike and want to treat it well, Bike 7 has all you need for it.

Bike7 Deblock for unblocking rusted parts 500ml

Bike7 Deblock is an excellent product for unblocking rusted parts like seized saddle posts, bottom brackets or pedals.

Bike7 Disc Brake Cleaner for preventing squeaking brakes 500ml

Bike7 Disc Brake Cleaner for preventing squeaking brakes and increasing disc brake performance.

Bike7 Long Lasting Pro Chain Wax 150ml (Chain Lube/Wax)

Bike7 Long Lasting Pro Chain Wax

Not available
Bike7 Bike7 Quick Wet for extreme conditions Chain Lube (1 x 50ml)

Bike7 Quick Wet is designed to stay on a chain even in Irish winter conditions. It ensures excellent lubrication and does not wash out from the rain.

Bike7 Bike7 Dry Chain Lube for dry and dusty weather Spray-Can 500ml

Bike7 Dry Lube is an excellent choice for dry and dusty weather. It does not stay on the chain very long but keeps it clean without attracting too much dirt.

Bike7 Degreaser for transmissions and other parts 500ml

Bike7 Degreaser is an excellent product for removing grease and dirt from transmissions and other parts where the contamination is very heavy. It makes the cleaning process effortless and quick.

Not available
Bike7 Assembly Grease 500gr

Bike7 Assembly Grease is excellent for assembling your bike components and preventing them from seizing up or rusting.

Bike7 Protect & Shine Spray for refreshing paintwork 500ml

Bike7 Protect & Shine for refreshing paintwork is excellent for finishing the bike cleaning job. It refreshes and enhances the paintwork and is also great for applying suspension sanctions.

Bike7 Anti-seizing Mount Grease 120gr

Bike7 Anti-seizing Mount Grease does precisely what it says - it prevents the parts from seizing up, so you have no trouble taking them apart the next time.

Not available
Bike7 Mount Carbon Paste for increasing grip between carbon parts 100gr

Bike7 Mount Carbon for increasing grip between carbon parts 100gr. It is an ideal option to apply on carbon seat posts when assembling your bike. It also prevents the seat post from seizing up when you need to adjust it.

Not available
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