Nutrition and Care

  • Consume the right amount of calories.
  • Carbohydrate: the body's fuel supply.
  • Are you eating enough protein?
  • Good fats, not bad fats.
  • Eat the right vitamins and minerals.
  • Make sure you drink enough to perform at your best.
  • Fuel your ride properly.
  • Recovery food: when and what to eat after you've ridden.


What is chamois cream?

Chamois cream is an anti-bacterial, viscous substance that helps eliminate friction between skin and clothing, and therefore the chafing that can occur during a ride. It comes in a number of forms including balms, creams and even powder.


Why use chamois cream?

Cyclists use chamois cream for prevention of saddle sores or, even worse, something that can leave you off the bike for several days and require medical attention: an abscess.

The idea is to minimise friction and keep bacterial build-up at bay, therefore prevent any nasties. If you’d forgotten to apply and get sore after your ride, some saddle sore creams act as a cure to help alleviate the pain, put a stop to any further problems and help prevent infection.