Cargo Kid Kit (Includes AddBike chasis and Carry Box for Kids)

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Cargo Kid Kit (AddBike and Carry Box Kid). This kit fits on most of ordinary bikes and converts them to cargo bike. Bike is not included. Suitable for carrying kids, dogs, big size items Read more
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This kit fits on most of ordinary bikes and converts them to cargo bike.

This module is used to carry a child from 2 years old and up to 1,2 metres / 35kg.
Your child transportation will be easier, safer and more comfortable. We highly recommend it on your urban daily journeys. Moreover, you can continue using it in your daily life carrying other things after your child is at school.



Transformation in a couple of minutes. With one bike
- Week-end: mountain ride
- Week-day: take kids to school


For those who have an e-bike

Cheaper than investing in a cargo bike

For those who don't have an e-bike

Purchasing an e-bike + the AddBike = equivalent price of an electric cargo bike or even cheaper depending on the e-bike

Fun to ride

Thanks to the tilting wheels, offer the agility of a bicycle, with the carrying capacities of a cargo


Shorter than the handlebar
Easy to store
Since the bike and the AddBike can be sepa- rated, they both fit in a car, an elevator or an apartment

*Bike itself is not included.