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Book your drop off slot using the "BOOK NOW" button above. On your pre-booked drop off date, you can leave your bike for it's book in assessment. A member of our team will contact you as soon as the assessment is complete to explain or discuss anything that should be addressed during your bikes service and to get your approval before proceeding. 


Emergency repairs can be accepted in by calling our store on 018533107 where our team will be able to advise on a date and time to drop your bike in. Tube or tyre replacements can be accepted in at any time and usually completed in 30mins or less. 


Shimano Service Centre


Shimano Service Centre Certification

Our mechanics are the most qualified with all having obtained Shimano Service Centre certification. You can rest assured that our team can provide the best level of service and care for your pride and joy. 


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Service packages

Standard service €55

  • Bike wash or dry clean
  • Drive train clean
  • All bearings compression check
  • Spokes tension check
  • Tyres pressure check
  • Lubrication
  • Gears and brakes adjust
  • Test ride the bike 


This is a great health check for your bike to inspect for any worn components with a wash included. It is recommended to have a service like this carried out up to two times per year with regular mileage. 


Premium service €89

  • Bike wash,
  • Drive train clean,
  • All bearings compression check,
  • Spokes tension check,
  • Tyres pressure check,
  • Lubrication,
  • Gear and brakes adjust,
  • Test ride the bike 
  • Bottom bracket & headset re-assembly


On top of the Standard service, the Premium service includes the removal of the headset and bottom bracket bearings of your bike. These sealed areas can build up with corrosive elements such as salt or sand that can lead to damage if left too long without cleaning. If the bearings are re-useable, they are cleaned, re-greased and re-inserted into the bike. If they are worn, then new bearings are recommended. 


Advanced service €199

  • Bike wash
  • Drive train clean
  • All bearings compression check
  • Spokes tension check
  • Pressure check
  • Lubrication
  • Gears and brakes adjust
  • Bottom bracket and headset reassembly
  • Wheel hubs service
  • Both mechanical brake cable replacement (or brake bleed)
  • Gear cables replacement
  • New Pro Sport Control black bar tape (For road bikes. May be substituted for other tape with the difference in price paid.)
  • Test ride the bike


This is our most comprehensive service. This is a full strip down of your bike to provide the deepest clean and service. All new gear and brake cables (mechanical) will have your bike riding like new. This service is recommended if you do a lot of mileage and would like your bike riding as fresh as possible. A free check up after 20 days is included for the newly installed cables. This service is recommended, particularly for road bikes, every few years to ensure no excessive corrosion has formed in sealed areas of the bike. 


Junior service €30

  • Bike wash or dry clean
  • Drive train clean
  • All bearings compression check
  • Spokes tension check
  • Tyres pressure check
  • Lubrication
  • Brakes adjustment
  • Test ride the bike (Where possible)


For bikes with no gear systems such as kids bikes, singlespeed or fixies


Safety Check €35

  • Pedals, crank bolts, wheel skewers, stem bolts, headset compression check;
  • Gears and brakes adjustment;
  • Chain lubrication and tyres pump up;
  • Testing the bike on the road;
  • Making a list of any noticed worn out parts that are not being replaced.

This is our most basic service to make your bike safe for the road where possible. Adjustments are only possible if parts are not worn beyond repair. 


Common labour charges

  • Tube supply & fit: from €14
  • Minor gear adjustment: €15
  • Major gear adjustment: €19
  • Brake adjustment front and rear: €15 
  • Chain replacement: €10
  • Cassette and Chain replacement: €25
  • Headset service: €25
  • Bottom bracket service: €25 
  • Gear or brake cable replacement: €7 (+ €5 for internal cables)
  • Boxing bike for international travel: €50 (€40 for supplied hardcase)
  • Wheel build: €60
  • Minor buckle removal: €15
  • Major buckle or spoke replacement: €20 + €2 per spoke needed.
  • Insurance diagnostic report: €20 
  • Di2 diagnostic and firmware update: €25