Merida Scultura 7000-E CF4 Frame Set 50cm Black/Red (Used by sponsored rider)

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Made using Merida's advanced CF4 carbon the Scultura 7000-E strikes the right balance between race machine and comfortable riding. This frame was used for one season by one of our sponsored athletes. It is in excellent condition. 


"When our man Stu Kerton reviewed the Merida Scultura 6000 he was super-impressed by the handling, describing it as 'direct and quick but never twitchy'. I completely agree. It's a fast-reacting, well-balanced bike that inspires confidence whether you're negotiating your way through a bunch of riders or pinning it through a tight turn, and it's an absolute joy if you're ever lucky enough to find yourself on a long, flowing, swoopy descent.

Stu also praised the Scultura's comfort and I'd agree with him there too. Merida says that the lack of a brake bridge between the seatstays – the rear brake being positioned on the underside of the chainstays – allows it to extend the potential flex zone upwards and that the inclusion of its Bio Fiber Damping Compound helps back there too. This is a layer of organic flax fibre that's designed to filter out high-frequency vibration. I couldn't tell you how much influence either of these two elements has, but I can tell you that the Scultura won't rattle you to pieces over poor surfaces.

One of the Scultura's other key features is its aerodynamic efficiency. The Reacto is the true aero road bike in Merida's range but the Scultura, the lightweight model, features tube profiles that are based on the NACA aerofoils. Rather than using deep tubes, Merida cuts off the trailing edge to save weight."

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by Mat Brett October 18 2017, View the full review here. 
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