Cycle to Work Scheme

Save up to 52% and more applying for Cycle To Work Scheme in our store!

We can help you complete your cycle to work scheme application without you having to leave your own home. Email us at for more information. 


Here are 5 easy steps to get your bike under the scheme:
1. Call into the shop.
2. Choose your bike and get an invoice for it.
3. Bring this invoice to your employer.
4. Your employer will then issue a payment for the bike. (This can take 2-14 days).
5. Collect your bike.

You then pay this back over 12 months through your salary, but with a saving of either 31% or 52%.

It sounds unbelievable, but that’s how you can spend €1000 and pay as little as €9.23 a week (a total of only €480). 

Our main Bike Brands:

Merida Bikes, Fuji Bikes, Cannondale Bikes